Current key threats to faith and freedom in which we are engaging with include:

  • Euthanasia: Walter – Harck court application to legalise euthanasia and assisted suicide.
  • Spanking: A proposal to outlaw parental spanking in the 3rd Children’s Amendment Bill was thankfully abandoned in March 2019. There is nevertheless a court case pending before the Constitutional Court.
  • Parents Rights in Schools: The Basic Education Laws Amendment (BELA) Bill, which proposed to take away parents rights to control schools through school governing bodies drew a very strong response from parents in November 2017 – and we hope the Education Department will have fixed these problems. We expect it to be considered by parliament in the second half of 2019.
  • Learner Pregnancy Policy: Approved by the Department of Education and awaiting cabinet approval threatens your child with immoral sex education and promotion of abortion.
  • Hate Speech and Hate Crimes Bill: threatens free speech for anyone saying anything controversial with criminal sanctions.
  • Film and Publications Bill: A broad definition of ‘hate speech’ threatens free speech and media freedom.
  • Dagga: A lawsuit proposed to legalise commercial sale of dagga is in process in the Gauteng High Court.
  • Regulation of Religion: Proposals by the CRL Commission to regulate churches and religion received a negative reception in parliament in 2017. We will continue to fight this and hope it will be abandoned.
  • Civil Unions Amendment Bill: The Civil Unions Amendment Bill was recently passed by parliament taking away the rights of Home Affairs workers to conscientiously object to so-called ‘same-sex marriage’.
  • Judicial activism: South African judges are repeatedly abusing their authority to interpret the Bill of Rights that cannot be reasonably based on the meaning of the words as intended by the writers of the Constitution, to push their own personal political views.
  • False Christian Leaders: Threaten the reputation of the Christian faith and lead Christians astray. For the more educated classes, postmodernism/ emerging church is the main threat. For the less educated, dangerous practices falsely claimed as miracles. In all classes sexually immoral and deceitful leaders are a threat.