Sanctity of Marriage

ChristianView Network defends the Sanctity of Marriage and opposes:

  • So-called ‘same-sex marriage‘, an attempt to legitimise homosexual relations – as well as other attempts to legitimise such relations. ChristianView Network led the Defend Marriage campaign in 2006 against ‘same-sex marriage’ and also spoke up against the ‘Civil Union Amendment Bill’ proposing to stop home affairs workers being allowed to conscientiously object to same-sex marriage. We objected to the inclusion of ‘sexual orientation’ in the Equality Act in 2000 as well as the broad definition of ‘hate speech’ in that Act.
  • Sexualisation of your children in schools through irresponsible ‘sex education’ and distribution of contraceptives in schools
  • The pornography industry and the normalisation of nudity in advertising, films and other media. Our advocacy has many times led to the removal of porn from shops and advertising campaigns.
  • Attempts to legalise prostitution