Marie Stopes moves to Rondebosch

Marie Stopes abortion clinic Cape Town has moved from Bree Street to the 5th floor of Rondebosch Medical Centre, Klipfontein Road.  We believe this move was triggered by escalating pro-life protests and sidewalk counselling outside.  Babies have been saved by parents who changed their minds on reading pro-life literature and their staff have quit, saying they were convicted by the protests outside.  Former Mayor Patricia De Lille banned pro-life protests within 50m of the clinic and her council also banned activist Peter Throp from parking a car with a slogan ‘abortion kills’ outside.  They were forced to withdraw these restrictions after complaints from ChristianView Network and a formal question by ACDP councillor Grant Haskin.

Rondebosch Medical Centre was built illegally over the legal building line close to the road.  Nevertheless it was decided to condone the illegal building because it was an important healthcare service for the community.  If this had not been healthcare it would not have been condoned.  Nevertheless, murdering babies is not healthcare – and thus by allowing Marie Stopes into their building, the management violate the special reasons their illegal building was allowed.  Please email and ask them to evict the baby killers.

We will follow Marie Stopes to protest baby killing at their new address.  You have a legal right to protest anywhere in South Africa without special permission if you have less than 15 people, are not obstructing access or being verbally abusive provided it is not a national keypoint. For more people or at national keypoints, permission is easy to get.  Please email us if you live in Cape Town and would like to join.

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