ChristianView Network is a public advocacy organisation helping you to promote a biblical worldview in South Africa since 2000. Our key focus areas are: Sanctity of Life, Sanctity of Marriage, Education Freedom and Religious Freedom. We also address other issues such as Economics, Israel, Constitutional democracy and Drugs.

Citizens like you partnering with us have many times influenced decisions of government, business and media – such as changing or scrapping bad laws, saving babies from abortion, getting pornography out of our shops and defending parents rights in schools. Our breaking news and commentary is frequently reported in the secular and Christian media.

Parliament National Assembly where we lobby

The easiest ways you can help are praying, giving and speaking up by sharing posts and emailing key leaders in response to alerts in our email newsletters.

You can join a smaller network interested one of these issues or if you are in leadership of an organisation or church, work in coalition with us.

Our strategies which you can help with include:

  • Education on a biblical Christian worldview
  • Research and submissions
  • Public debate
  • Public protest
  • Awareness
  • Training and capacity building
  • Mobilising prayer
  • Lobbying